Community Awareness for Merchants via
Local Shopping Games

Increase awareness for products, services and events through passive game play.
Local consumers interact with the real-time content of your area websites.
Gamification for Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade, BIAs, BIDs

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Area residents PLAY games, EXPLORE local websites, LEARN about products and services and get a chance to WIN prizes. Merchants SHOWCASE their products, services and coupons online.

How Shop Local Games Work

Our mobile-ready games let merchants interact with their local consumers through rewarding online, mobile-friendly game play and visual feedback. It's just a totally different, fun way of engaging your entire community of consumers and merchants.

First of all, we'd like to say that there is no cost to use our BIA software, while individual merchants can provide awareness through a variety of low-cost games. The community always plays for free.

The main game asks players questions and they must visit your local merchant websites for the answers. In so doing, they passively or "subliminally" learn about local products and services, offerings and coupons. There are a variety of fun bonus games to play that appeal to all ages. Scores are reset every Sunday, when prizes are awarded and a new round starts.

Merchants register a mobile-friendly .TEL domain/website which gives them an interactive coupon or voucher, image gallery, map and all contact information, even a Paypal interface. Each merchant contributes one prize to the game annually and players get chances to win these prizes weekly.

Our software detects local merchants, reads the content of their websites and makes them part of the game. We use .TEL websites because they level the playing field for all merchants, provide a standard for content retrieval and are instantly mobile-friendly for today's mobile-savvy consumer (68% use smartphones to shop). Coupons are front and centre in the game, so it's important for merchants to use them effectively.

Your BIA or Chamber names the game for their community, for example "Discover Main Street", provides necessary background images and is responsible for promoting the game and dispensing prizes to winners. We provide the infrastructure to run the game (currently waiving the $125 setup fee after your no-fee trial). We can even manage the game on behalf of your BIA/Chamber.

See a mobile-ready game in action:

All merchants and deals are displayed on
an interactive map of their community,
like this one for Aurora, Ontario.

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